7 Ways to Get More Facebook Engagement

Although this video has a little bit too much frosting for my taste, host Mari Smith of Social Media Examiner, lays out seven believable tips for improving the way people consume the material you post to Facebook.

See, on Facebook, once some “like” your page, they very rarely return to your page.  Mari says 90% of people never return to the page.  I think it’s higher than that.  Instead, they see what you post through their own newsfeed.  Not everything you post spews onto all of your follower’s newsfeeds.  One of the great things about this video is that Mari lays out the three basic elements (Affinity, Weight, Recency) of what Facebook calls Edgerank, the algorithm Facebook uses to determine what shows up where.

Here are the seven tips.  Make sure you watch the video for the flesh and blood.

  1. Less is More: the #1 reason people unlike a page and hide posts is too many posts.  (Farmville…)
  2. Short Posts do Better: 80 character (and less) posts do better.
  3. Type of Content: photos, videos, and the questions app get more engagement
  4. Use full links: 3x the engagement that shortened links.  (My opinion: trust.  People can see where the link is going and can trust it.  Who knows where bit.ly/X93rdv goes?)
  5. Timing: 10am ET to 4pm ET is Facebook high traffic time.  Use your Facebook Insights to pinpoint when you get most of the engagement.
  6. Thursday and Fridays are Best
  7. Post Manually More: the human touch shows and people respond better

The video lays in a lot of good details that fleshes this points out so, if you’re interested, give it a look.  Also, it looks like Social Media Examiner is hosting a event called Facebook Success Summit wich looks pretty interesting.